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Nellore info

Nellore info: Nellore is a standout amongst the most critical urban areas and metropolitan enterprises in the condition of Andhra Pradesh arranged on the banks of the Penna River. It is additionally the 6th most crowded city in this state. Nellore city is the managerial home office of Sri Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore region. Amaravathi, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, is around 450 kilometer far from Nellore. Nellore is arranged on the Chennai-Kolkata Highway, or NH 5, which is a fundamental part of the Golden Quadrilateral Expressway Project embraced by the Indian Government. Nellore is known for the creation of mica and gold gems. Aside from these two, aquaculture and development of paddy are two imperative engagements of the general population of Nellore. Nellore info


Nellore District arranged in the South Eastern segment of the state with a coastal length of 163 KM limited by Bay of Bengal on the East. The locale was known as VIKRAMA SIMHAPURI until the Thirteenth Century and later it came to be alluded to as Nellore. Verifiably the region was under the verlead of mouryas, sathavahanas, pallavas, cholas, telugucholas, kakatias, pandyas and so on.. The considerable Telugu artist Tikkana Somayaji deciphered 15 parvas of Sanskrit Mahabaratha into Telugu in Nellore.

History Of Nellore District

Till the Thirteenth Century, Nellore was known as “Vikrama Simhapuri”. “Nellore” is gotten from the Tamil word “Nelluru”, where “Nel” implies paddy and “ooru” implies put. In the antiquated Mauryan writings, one can discover the specify of Nellore. The Great King Asoka controlled over Nellore amid his rule (third Century BC). Aside from the Mauryan Kingdom, other vital kingdoms of South India, as Cholas, Pallavas and Arcot Nawabs have ruled Nellore for various purposes of time. At long last, the British rulers turned into the decision control in Nellore. They had put Nellore under the Madras Presidency. Full History of Nellore info

Topography of Nellore: Nellore Info

Nellore info: Nellore is situated at 14.43°N 79.97°E. The normal rise of Nellore city is 18 meters. One can encounter regular tropical sea atmosphere in the city. Like most parts of South India, the summers in Nellore are both warm and damp, while the winters are mellow. In Nellore, April and May are the two most sultry months. Nellore is arranged near the Bay of Bengal and along these lines, the city gets cool wind amid the nighttimes inspite of moist climate. One of the ordinary elements of Nellore is that it doesn’t get rain from the South-West rainstorm. Nellore gets precipitation because of the North-East rainstorm amongst October and December. Another ordinary component of the storms in Nellore is the recurrence of typhoons and surges. Consistently, there are a few climate risks that keep on disrupting the cultivating operations in the locale.

Nellore info

Demographic Of Nellore

The aggregate populace of Nellore city was 565,258, according to the 2011 Indian enumeration. The urban agglomeration of Nellore was 734,011 in a similar registration. The male education rate is 87.53% and female proficiency rate is 79.52% in Nellore while the viable education rate is 83.59%. The biggest part of the populace is occupied with agribusiness. Telugu is the official dialect of the city and also the locale. Aside from Telugu, there are Tamil and Urdu talking populaces living in Nellore.

In spite of the fact that not an expansive city, Nellore has some essential vacation spots worth going by. Sri Ranganthaswamy sanctuary is one of the well-known vacation spots of Nellore situated inside as far as possible. It is a 600-year-old sanctuary and the 70 feet tall Gaaligopuram is one of the kind elements of the sanctuary. Mypadu Beach and Pulicat Lake are impeccable normal vacation spots close to the city. While Mypadu shoreline can be quiet and reviving, the Pulicat Bird Sanctuary can enchant you with new winged visitors. Winter is the best season to visit Nellore as the atmosphere is very lovely.

Transport in Nellore

National Highway 5, associating Kolkata and Chennai goes through Nellore. The city is associated with APSRTC to real parts of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka. Aside from the APSRTC, TNSTC from Chennai and KSRTC from Bangalore additionally run transport benefits in Nellore.

Road Trasport in Nellore

The two transport stations in Nellore city are RTC Bus Station (for intercity and interstate mofussil transports) and Potti Sreeramulu Bus Station or Atmakur Bus Station (for intra-region and town transports).

Nellore info Bus transport

Rail Transport in Nellore

Nellore railroad station is arranged on the Vijayawada-Chennai area of the Chennai – Howrah trunk line. It is likewise associated with Chennai Suburban Railway, lying on the North Line which completes at Bitragunta. Click here for more data on Transport in Nellore

Nellore Rail Transport
Nellore Rail Transport

Satish Dhawan Space Research Center in Nellore

Satish Dhawan Space Research Center (SHAR) close Sullurpet has the overall criticalness of Scientific significance. Nelapattu is a wonderful Bird asylum where Pelicans, Flamingo, Storcks and other 20 assortments of winged animals originates from different nations and remains from October to February, March each year. Pulicat lake is an essential touring place reached out to around 12 Kms where Storck and different flying creatures from different nations come in November, lays eggs, leaves the chicks there and left the place.

Space Center in Nellore
Space Center in Nellore

Shoreline resorts in Nellore

Resorts in Nellore
Shoreline Resorts in Nellore

Shoreline resorts like Mypadu, Tupilipalem, Krishnapatna port, Somasila Dam and Kandaleru Dam is delightful occasions resort. Sri Ranganayukula Swamy sanctuary at Nellore, Sri Narasimha Swamy at Penchalakona, Kamakshi Temple at Jonnawada, Narasimha Swamy sanctuary at Narasimhakonda, Kasumuru and AS Pet darghas are religious significance. Udayagiri Fort and Bhairavakona are chronicled spots of significance.

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